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The Escapist: Next Gen Buyer’s Guide

Fast forward to 4:28 for TL;DR summary.

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Dear Turn 10 Studios

Don’t you think it’s about time you moved to a subscription model for the Forza Motorsport franchise?

Let’s look at your formula:

Forza 4 = ( racing sim game mechanics + old cars + old tracks ) + ( new cars + new tracks + mechanics changes + improved graphics/physics )

reducing this gives us

Forza 4 = (old stuff ) + ( new stuff )

The problem here is that I’ve been playing racing sims for some time now. I played Gran Turismo 2 way too much in high school, migrated to Project Gotham Racing until you could get Forza as a viable substitute to the GT franchise, and now I’ve played out Forza 2 and 3. I also have a PS3 and GT5, which beats Forza 3’s simulation of my actual sports car hands-down.

At this point, I don’t want to (and don’t have time to) start from scratch with a new game, an empty garage, and no lap records. I’m getting older and the physics and graphical changes are no longer compelling reasons to invest, which basically means that the sole value proposition (to me) from Forza 4 is newer cars; which aren’t worth $60+.

Business Case

The following represents my experience:

Forza ($60)
Forza 2 ($60)
Forza 3 (gift) + DLC (~$40)
Forza 4 (abstaining)

In total, assuming I actually paid full price for the first 2 releases, that’s $160 over 6 years or $26.67/year. Taking me at my word, you’re going to get about $0 directly from me for the next decade, reducing the average to $10/year.

Why not just charge people a one-time fixed price for the game’s current release/content, and then provide an optional subscription model for enhancements, new content, etc?


Someone Who Will Likely Buy A Used Copy of Forza 4 Game of the Year Edition in Two Years for $10

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On Extreme Gamers

According to a Slashdot story appearing today, Extreme Gamers “play an average of 48.5 hours a week”. This category of gamer supposedly comprises “a mere 4% of the US’s 174-million-strong gaming public”. So 6.96 million Americans, of working age (average age was 29), have that kind of free time? That should be shocking.

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