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CNN Publishes Palin's Statement, Implies Violence

Today, CNN is running a story on Palin’s video response (with a full transcript of her statement) to criticism linking her with recent violence in AZ. However, the link to the article on CNN’s US home page uses a violent word that is nowhere found in the article itself:

Ticker: Palin lashes out on shootings [emphasis mine]

So, what’s in a word? Why would CNN use a word the meaning of which is violent, aggressive, or unduly harsh to bias the reader’s opinion of her statement before one ever reads it?

The actual article can be found here: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2011/01/12/palin-says-efforts-to-lay-blame-reprehensible/

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Recent Liberal Narrative on Ignorance

Making Ignorance Chic – NY Times, 10/19/2010

Democrats call Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell and others stupid – Politco.com, 10/21/2010

My Opponent Knows Where Washington Is On A Map; I Don’t, And I Never Will – TheOnion.com, 10/26/2010

Kerry voices frustration with US political scene – Boston.com, 10/28/2010


And going back a little ways…

Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be – TheOnion.com, 11/14/2009

Obama: McCain ‘Proud to be Ignorant’ – PoliticsDaily.com, 2008


“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan,1964

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On 'Rednecks'

What do you say when a British-American is trying to distinguish the demographic that is seeing The Blind Side (*), and attempting to resolve this with his understanding of Palin (and her followers), the ‘religious right’ and rednecks?

When the person in question is a client executive, sometimes you have to keep quiet. However, I did say that I considered Palin the Republican expression of populism that is present across the political spectrum. More concerning was the ease with which my companions confidently defined the groups mentioned above. Outside of Hollywood, I’ve never met someone who self-identified as a redneck – and I’ve lived in North Carolina, and spent time in cities in both South Carolina and Georgia.

Remind the next person you hear use the term ‘redneck’, that it’s inherently racist as it’s a disparaging stereotype limited in application to those people lacking in melanin and prone to sunburn. Furthermore, it’s likely the offending individual considers subsidized (public) education to be a panacea for their perceived social ills.

*Footnote: There was a simply outrageous discussion regarding whether the movie’s popularity owed to the redneck demographic’s desire to see themselves as post-racial but without any likelihood that they’d ever actually adopt a black child.

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