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Re: Obama stimulus plan halted economic freefall

Breaking news on the Captivate screen in my office building’s elevator this morning:

Obama stimulus plan halted economic freefall

The shortened Reuters release also had the following:

…according to a White House report to be released on Wednesday.

Am I surprised because my eyes haven’t yet glossed over with indifference, or does this seem less than objective?

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Re: Obama moves to back nuclear power

President Barack Obama announced $8.3 billion US in loan guarantees on Tuesday to help build the first U.S. nuclear power plants in nearly three decades, a move he says “is only the beginning.”

This is the kind of government intervention that limits innovation. Political favoritism is limited to existing means, at the expense of unforeseen and potentially delayed advances. The political issue with nuclear plants is their location and waste (the federal government has a monopoly on land usage). The market will take care of cost and funding – if profitability is a concern, bright minds will be compensated for improving designs.

Story source: CBC News/AP

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Prime Candidate for Onion Story

TV One to offer extensive Obama coverage

Counter: CMT to offer extensive McCain coverage

“As our primary demographic is exclusively white and has already overwhelmingly embraced McCain, we plan to offer coverage of the Republican convention. While viewers can get coverage from any number of networks, we plan to cover the convention from a uniquely caucasian perspective. We are not required to meet the FCC equal-time standards that apply to broadcast channels.” – Charlie McGee on behalf of Country Music Television

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