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Imgur: Facebook Engagement Photos

Title: My friend got a little annoyed with all the engagement pics on his Facebook

(Visit IMGUR to see punny comments.)


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Class Action Lawsuits

I seem to be part of more and more class action lawsuits, all of which originate in typical consumer activity (eg Facebook, AT&T, Apple, Netflix, organic dairy).

The following are a selection of which I have records:

  • Gordon v. Apple Computer, Inc.
    http://www.rosenthalco.com/gordonvapple (defunct)

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Facebook Litter

I think we all know that there is litter on Facebook. And I’m not talking about the unemployed taking survey after survey on stupid applications that are just scams to mine your personal information. I’m talking about birthdays. Every damn time a friend has a birthday, I’m supposed to come up with something to say? Where do I draw the line? On Facebook, they’re all just “friends”. Then their wall turns in to a vast wasteland of random well-wishers with nothing original to say, only varying quantities of exclamation marks.

Could Facebook just make a button for “Acknowledge Birthday”? Or better yet, can we all just agree that birthdays should only be acknowledged in person or over the phone?

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